• Skien International Ibsen festival and symposium

  • The Tempest Society

    by Bouchra Khalili

  • Friendly Fire

    by Théâtre Anfass

  • Firing range (wild ducks)

    by Influx artist collective

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Ibsen, theatre and political and social relevance; in times of great change.
International festival and symposium.

The Tempest Society to Skien International Ibsen Conference 2017.

By Bouchra Khalili, Morocco/France
Commissioned for Documenta14. Co-produced with Ibsen Awards, with the support of FNAGP, Paris.

Friendly Fire to Skien International Ibsen Conference 2017

An adapation of Hedda Gabler by Théâtre Anfass, Morocco.

Firing range (wild ducks) to Skien International Ibsen Conference 2017.

Firing Range (wild ducks) by Influx Artist Collective, Greece, winners of Ibsen Scholarship 2015, presents their final scholarship winning performance during Skien International Ibsen Conference 2017.

Skien International Ibsen Conferenc 2015

Who are our public enemies? Is it the majority or the individual? The controversial, the debater or the ignorant? What topics create controversy today? What are the limits of publicly accepted expressions? How does contemporary theatre relate to these issues?
Guest performances, artistic presentations, speakers and debates will address these topics.

Addressing the Public

A collaboration between Dramatikkens hus and Ibsen Awards/Teater Ibsen for Skien International Ibsen Conference 2015.

Public People’s Enemy

A workshop collaboration between the American actor Robert M. Johanson, American playwright Sibyl Kempson and Teater Ibsen/Ibsen Awards.

Acceptance speech

Peter Handke delivered his acceptance speech during Skien International Ibsen Conference at Teater Ibsen in Skien September 22nd.

Lucena. Obedience training

This theatreical work questions the authoritarian model that governs religion, society and theatre.

Enemy of the People

This award winning adaptation on Ibsen's "Enemy of the People" comments on the current political situation in Egypt.

John Gabriel Borkman

September 11th at Teater Ibsen
Teater Ibsen's performance John Gabriel Borkman will be performed during Skien International Ibsen Conference 2012.

A Filha do General

September 12th at Teater Ibsen.
An adaptation of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler by Mutumbela Gogo, Mozambique.
Directed by Henning Mankell.

Een Poppenhuis

September 14th at Teater Ibsen.
A final examination performance at Amsterdamse Hogeschool van de art of Ibsen's A Doll's House.

Skien International Ibsen Conferenc 2014

Day I: The International Ibsen Award 2014: acceptance Speech by Peter Handke and discussions on his writing and theatre work.
Day II:How are classical dramas used to comment on contemporary societies and settings?

Skien International Ibsen Conference 2013

Theatre between literature and research.

Skien International Ibsen Conference 2012

Day 1: Presentation of the winner of the International Ibsen Award
Day 2: Staging Ibsen. National institutions and theatres responsebilities in current times.

Skien International Ibsen Conference 2011

Reading and staging Ibsen II

Skien International Ibsen Conference 2010

Reading and staging Ibsen I

Skien International Ibsen Conference 2009

The artist Post Mortem. Managing literary heritage