Enemy of the People

This award winning adaptation on Ibsen's "Enemy of the People" comments on the current political situation in Egypt.

An Enemy Of The People
By Henrik Ibsen
Translated to Arabic by Randa Hakim and Sherin Abdelwahab

Dramaturgy, scenography & director: Nora Amin

Staging Ibsen's "The Enemy of the People" in post revolutionary Egypt investigats the atmosphere of confrontation and public debate present in the central chapter of the play with the current popular mood of argument, corruption, denial and conflict in the political scene in Egypt.Actors

Dr. Thomas Stockman: Tarek Eldewery
Peter Stockman: Ibrahim Ghareeb
Hoffstad: Ahmed Elsalakawy
Eslaksen: Emad Elraheb
Belling: Emad Hassan
Catherine Stockman: Nora Amin
Captain Horsters: Mostafa Darwish
Morton Kil: Sameer Fouad
Citizens: Students from Skien vgs

Music composer: Nader Sami

Guitar: Nader Sami
Drums: Tamer Essam
Electric guitar Ahmed Montasser
Bass guitar: Sali Asar

Sound engineer: Magued Moneer
Light technicia:n Mohamed Karar
Costume:s Hoda Elbably

Produced by Nora Amin, Lamusica Independent Theatre Group. 

PHOTO: Bassam Elzoghby