John Gabriel Borkman

September 11th at Teater Ibsen
Teater Ibsen's performance John Gabriel Borkman will be performed during Skien International Ibsen Conference 2012.


Imagine a couple living on separate floors, not speaking for more than eight years.
The man, John Gabriel, is waiting for redress after first having sacrificed everything for his career then being convicted of economic fraud. In his eagerness to succeed, he even married his beloved’s twin sister. The sisters are no longer on speaking terms.

Borkman’s only hope for the future is his son, Erhart, who in turn has other plans for his life than to restore the family's good name and reputation.

Borkman has not left the apartment for years. Time has stood still.  The couple is completely discouraged.  Their destructive life is turned upside down when it comes to a heated confrontation between the twin sisters. The lively and shameless friend of the family, Fanny Wilton, comes into their lives causing friction and undermines the family’s rigid relations. Can Borkman free himself from the past? What are the society’s values? Will the  family reconcile?

Director Anders T. Andersen
Set designer Solfrid Kjetås
Photos and video: Per Maning

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PHOTO: Per Maning

TEXT: Jan Ø Wiig as John Gabriel Borkmann