Skien International Ibsen Conferenc 2015

Who are our public enemies? Is it the majority or the individual? The controversial, the debater or the ignorant? What topics create controversy today? What are the limits of publicly accepted expressions? How does contemporary theatre relate to these issues?
Guest performances, artistic presentations, speakers and debates will address these topics.

Fredrik Brattberg.

Andreas Wiese.

Hanan Kassab-Hassan.

Scholarships winner 2015: WE: The Dramaturgy of the Crisis. Korina Vasileiadou and Charis Pechlivanidis.

Scholarship winner 2015: The Master Comic. Aaron Todd Douglas.

Scholarship winner 2015: The Master Comic. Addae Afura Moon.

Scholarship winner 2015: Ibsen Van. With us by Skype: Mohammed Al-Hubaishi and Entessar Hassan.

Public People’s Enemy.

Julian Blaue.

Thomas Ostermeier.

Thomas Ostermeier, Lars Vilks and moderator Kai Johnsen.

Lars Vilks.

Laszlo Upor.

Morten Traavik.

Enemy og the People.

Trine Falch.


Program 2015

Wednesday 14th
Addressing the Public I: A collaboration by Dramatikkens hus and Ibsen Awards.
By Fredrik Brattberg, Norway.

Opening speech by Andreas Wiese, Norway.

And if Dr. Stockmann was Arab.  
By Hanan Kassan Hassab, Syria.

Presentation on Ibsen Scholarship winners 2015
WE: The Dramaturgy of the Crisis
by Korina Vasileiadou and Charis Pechlivanidis, Greece. 

The Master Builder Project: The Master Comic by Aaron Todd Douglas and The Congo Square Theatre Company, USA.

Ibsen Van by Mohammed Al-Hubaishi, Yemen.

Public People’s Enemy
A workshop collaboration between American actor Robert M. Johanson, American playwright Sibyl Kempson and Ibsen Awards/Teater Ibsen.

Enemy of the People. 
Talk by Thomas Ostermeier, Germany.

Addressing the Public II: A collaboration by Dramatikkens hus and Ibsen Awards.
By Julian Blaue, Germany/Norway.

Who are the people’s enemy of today?
Discussion between Thomas Ostermeier and Lars Vilks.

Thursday 15th
Addressing the Public III: A collaboration by Dramatikkens hus and Ibsen Awards.
Didactic Puppet Theatre presents: Emily Dickinson Altarpiece. 

From the classic public enemy to the enemy of the established.
Talk by Lars Vilks, Sweeden.

(Your enemies:)Know them, name them, find them.
Talk by Laszlo Upor, Hungary.

We are all ghosts.
Talk by Morten Traavik. Norway.

Enemy of the People
Guest performance by guest performance by Theatre of an Actor, Macedonia in co-production with Ode Theatre, Kosovo.

Addressing the Public IV: A collaboration by Dramatikkens hus and Ibsen Awards.
By Trine Falch, Norway.


PHOTO: Max Emanuelson