Skien International Ibsen Conference 2010

Reading and staging Ibsen I

Winner of The International Ibsen Award Jon Fosse in conversation with Per Boye Hansen


A Doll’s House in 2010
Meet a Norwegian, Turkish, and an Egyptian Nora.

How do directors from different cultures approach Ibsen’s plays today and what are their artistic interpretations based on?
Do cultural contexts influence their artistic choices? How do different ways of staging the play affect the audiences’ perceptions of the play and of Ibsen’s themes?

The performances “Et Dukkehjem. A Doll’s House”, “Nora. Nûrê” and “Nora’s Doors” gives three contemporary versions on Ibsen’s drama originally staged in Norway, Turkey and Egypt.


True to the bone: On how to reanimate the flesh and blood of Ibsen's dramtic universe by Peer Perez Øian, director

The three Nora's Introductions by the directors Tonje Gotshalksen, Jale Karabekir and Nora Amin

The Delhi Ibsen Featival: Appropriating Ibsen in India by Nissar Allana, director

Reading and staging Ibsen by Thomas Ostermeier, director


Jon Fosse, winner of the International Ibsen Award 2010, partisipates in a discussion about his work and the role of theatre and drama in contemporary society tohetger with Per Boye Hansen.