Skien International Ibsen Conference 2011

Reading and staging Ibsen II

From Pillars of Community


How do directors approach Ibsen’s plays today and what are their artistic interpretations based on?


Performing Ibsen - Performing Multiple Modernities by Erika Fischer-Lichte

Staging Fosse. Experiences by Kai Johnsen

A director's approach by Kamaluddin Nilu

Ibsen rules. OK! by Ole Anders Tandberg

Painting My Ibsen by Numbers by Cecilie Løveid.


The Son. Teater Ibsen

In The Son the action takes place on a dark night in a deserted village. An elderly couple is lookin out the window discussing the lack of activity outside. The drunken neighbour is expected home from a night out, ann the couple is keeping an eye on the bus stop through the window. When the neighbour finally arrives, he is, accompanied by the couple's son who they have not heard from in a long time. The unexpected encounter between the mother, the father and the son tohether with the neighbour's argumentative intervention, have major impact on the family.

Pillars of Community. Epic Theatre Ensemble

This interactive workshop will feature selections from Epic Theatre Ensemble's American adaptation of Ibsen's Pillars of the Community presented by a cast of American and Norwegian actors. There will be an accompanying lecture on adapting Ibsen led by Epic's company members which will include examples of exercises designed to immerse artists and audiences in the questions of the play as well as video of New York City Public School students discussing their own process of adapting Ibsen's classic works.

PHOTO: Dag Jenssen