Interventions III

The Carnival Union presents: The planning of Grand Theft Oslo.

Pia Maria Roll is a Norwegian theatre artist living in Oslo. She works both as an actor, director, playwright and a social activist and commentator. She has received several awards for her artistic work. Amongst her most renowned work is Over evne III (2010), Ship O’hoi (2012), Ses i min nästa pjäs(2015) and “Nå løper vi” (2016).
In 2011 Pia Maria Roll co-founded the think tank TeaterTanken, where she is still active.


A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed.
-Henrik Ibsen

In November 2018, we, The Carnival Union will commit a crime. It will be a criminal act of epic proportions, unprecedented in Norwegian theatre history. We have contacted the criminal underworld in Oslo for advice on how to proceed. How do we deal with secrecy? Who can we trust? Can the fact that we are artists exempt us from punishment? The Carnival Union Band is proud to present our ongoing research on the Ibsen Conference 2017.

The Carnival Union is:
Hanan Benammar, Pia Maria Roll, Marius von der Fehr, Camilla Dahl, Kai Johnsen, Per Platou, Lisa Pacini, Venke Aure, Sara Baban and Gidsken Braadlie.