Social theater in Morocco/Female theater in the Arab world.

By Naima Zitan, director and president of Theatre Aquarium and Naima Oulmakki, leader of public affair at Theatre Aquarium.

Naima Oulmakki


Social theater in Morocco
Modelled by Aquarium Theater Association.

By Naima Zitan, director, playwright and president and founder of Aquarium Theater Association. 

Naima Zitan was born in Chaouen in 1967 with the soul of an artist. She joined the conservatory of music and the theater of Chaouen from the age of 13. She graduated from The Higher Institute of Dramatic Art and Cultural Animation in Rabat in 1994 and founded Aquarium Theater Association the same year. The theatre’s first performance “Quarrels” premiered the founding year. Naima Zitane Aquarium Theater Association has created numerous shows about the lives of women in contemporary Morocco and are well known for their creations by the Moroccan audience. 

Female theater in the Arab world
What are the most representative feminist movements and what role do female Arab artist play in these movements and in society?

Naima Oulmakki is an archaeologist, teacher, researcher, and head of public relations at Aquarium Theater Association. She is occupied with defending human rights in general and women's rights in particular and member of several NGOs in Morocco. 

Naima Oulmakki will present the social work done by Aquarium Theater Association, and the ways in which they use theater as a medium to raise awareness, particularly targeting women. She will go over some of our most impactful and controversial work on sexuality, harassment, abortion conducted by Aquarium Theater Association.

PHOTO: Naima Zitan