Case study I: The Sins of our Fathers

Ibsen Scholarship winning project of 2015 "We: the dramaturgy of the crises" opens their first out of three performances at the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre of Athens, Greece.


"Case Study I : The sins of the fathers" is the first part of the three- fold theatre project "WE: the dramaturgy of the crisis".
In this first part, a dive into the past is being attempted: working on Ibsen's "Ghosts", "Little Eyolf" and "John Gabriel Borkmann" the personal and collective memory is being triggered. Charis Pechlivanidis and Korina Vasileiadou, the creators of this project, give themselves the opportunity to face  the socio-political background that formed a society of ongoing crisis.

The show opens on the 27/01/2016 in the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre in Athens, as part of the "Open Stage". More dates and venues TBA.