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Winners from India, Greece, Brazil, Sweden/Norway and Colombia are winners of Ibsen Scholarships 2017.

Ibsen Scholarships will be announced again in January 2019.

Winners of Ibsen Scholarships 2017

The Ibsen Scholarships 2017 are awarded projects in India, Greece, Norway/Sweden, Colombia and Brazil.

Announcing the Ibsen Scholarships 2017

Ibsen Awards are announcing the Ibsen Scholarships 2017.
Funds amounting to NOK 2.000.000,- (approx. Euro 221.000,- /USD 235.000,- due to current rate) are awarded theatre projects worldwide.

Firing range in Athens

2015 Ibsen Scholarship winning project We: the dramaturgy of the crisis premiers at The Experimental Stage of the National Theatre in Athens, Greece on November 11th.

Hedda’s Sisters goes to New York this November!

"Future Is Feminine - New Voices in Romanian Theater" introduces American audiences to innovative Romanian women artists who are remixing Ibsen in two theater performances at HERE Arts Center.

Tribal Ibsen Project

Tribal Ibsen Project and Theatre Roots & Wings opens with the performance "Time that went without knowing" in Thrissur, Kerala, India.

Case study II: Our castle in the air

Wednesday 25th of May 2016 influx artist collective premiers the second face of the scholarship winning project We: the dramaturgy of the crisis in Athens.

Case study I: The Sins of our Fathers

Ibsen Scholarship winning project of 2015 "We: the dramaturgy of the crises" opens their first out of three performances at the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre of Athens, Greece.

Ibsen Van premiered January 9th 2016.

Ibsen Scholarsip winner of 2015, Ibsen Van, premiered in the city of Ibb in Yemen January 9th. Performances have also been played in Jeblah and Hubaish.

Hedda’s Sisters

During Bucharest International Theatre Platform Hedda's Sisters are presenting 3 performances

Me. A Doll’s House

An emotional mix inspired by Ibsen, noir movies and live music is Carmen Lidia Vidu’s vision on the classical play A Doll’s House opens at Odeon Theatre in Bucharest.

Announcing The Ibsen Scholarships 2015

Funds amounting to NOK 1.000.000,- (approx. Euro 115.000,- /USD 129.000,-) will be awarded to theatre projects worldwide.

Premiere of Scholarship winner 2014 in Belgrade.

"Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People as a Brecht’s teaching-play" premiers in Belgrade, Serbia on December 20th.

Congratulations to the Latvian Scholarship performance “Ārā.”

During "Spelmanu nakts 2014" - the Latvian Theatre Awards - "Ārā" received 2 national theatre awards.

Winners of Ibsen Scholarships 2014

This year's winners are from Serbia, Brazil and Romania.

Min(d)ing Ibsen. An Enemy of the People meets the People

Scholarship winning project "Min(d)ing Ibsen. An Enemy of the People meets the People" opens in Thessaloniki, Greece on January 25th.


Scholarship winning project "Moved by Brand" premieres in Riga, Latvia December 8th.

Peer Gynt. No man’s land. Opnening night

Scholarship winner premiered at Theseum Theatre in Athens November 21st.

Greek scholarship winning performance premiers in Athens.

Peer Gynt. No man's land premiers at Theseum Ensemble Theatre in Athens on November 21st.

Peer Gynt. No Man’s Land

Ibsen Awards has awarded the Greek project “Peer Gynt. No Man's Land” an International Ibsen Scholarship 2013. The Scholarship is of a total of Euro 9.800,-.

Moved by Brand

Ibsen Awards has awarded the Latvian project “Moved by Brand" an International Ibsen Scholarship of a total of Euro 19.900,-

Min(d)ing Ibsen: An Enemy of the People meets the People

Ibsen Awards has awarded the Greek project “Min(d)ing Ibsen: An Enemy of the People” meets the People” an International Ibsen Scholarship 2013. The Scholarship is of a total of Euro 33.600,-.

Tribal Ibsen Project

Ibsen Awards has awarded the Indian Project "Tribal Ibsen Project" an International Ibsen Scholarship 2013. The Scholarship is of a total of Euro 39.115,-.


Ibsen Scholarship winner 2012, Trindade Theatre and Cristina Carvalhal from Lisbon, Portugal premiers on July 4th with i.b.s.e.n.
The performance runs to July 16th and is a part of the Almada Theatre Festival.

Announcing The Ibsen Scholarships 2013

Scholarship funds amount to NOK 1,000,000,- (approx. 135.000 Euro/180.000 US Dollars) will be awarded projects worldwide.

Lucena. Obedience training.

The performance Lucena. Obedience training opended at Theatre Monnot on January 7th in Beirut.


The performance Delete opened at Theatre Monnot in Beirut on January 3rd.

The Peer Gynt Scholarship Program by Independent Theatre in Hungary has started.

In December 2012 the 10-month-long educational theater program, in which young people will work with Ibsen’s play, ’Peer Gynt’ and realize the performance ’Peer Gynt’s Children started.

Ibsen Scholarship winner 2012 hosts workshop: Ibsen in adaptation.

Ibsen in adaptation with Rebecca Manson Jones - 5 days workshop at Norsk Skuespillersenter.

Orient the Day. Beirut in the work of Ibsen.

Ibsen Scholarship winner from 2011 "Orient the day" takes place in Beirut, Lebanon from 3. - 13. of January 2013

Announcing The Ibsen Scholarships 2012

The Ibsen Scholarships award innovative projects in the field of drama and performing arts and projects that act as incentives for critical discourse in regards to existential and society-related subject matters concerning Henrik Ibsen and his plays.