The performance Delete opened at Theatre Monnot in Beirut on January 3rd.

Directed by Aida Sabra
Performances Jan. 3 – 6, 2013

ACT ONE of the 2011 Ibsen Scholarship winning project Orient the Day.

Delete is director Aida Sabra's dialogue with Ibsen's Doll's House.

Where are we today when it comes to feminism’s achievements  Henrik Ibsen’s Doll’s House contributed to realizing?
How do youth living in societies that block the establishment of a more equal status for women deal with the issue of equality between the sexes?
This plays intends to question these issues through a hyperlink that transmits the play “Doll’s House” on a social network site. The play instigates a serious conflict between the youth that meet daily in a café . Where will things lead?

Review of the prformance can be read here.

PHOTO: Houssam Mcheimesh