Hedda’s Sisters

During Bucharest International Theatre Platform Hedda's Sisters are presenting 3 performances

Enemy of the People. Directed by Ioana Paun & team.

Me. A Doll’s House. Directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu.

Ibsen Incorporated. Directed by Catinca Drăgănescu.

Bucharest International Theatre Platform. November 12 - 15 2015.


An Enemy of the People

An investigative theater piece conceived by director Ioana Paun & team, this remix of Ibsen's famous play includes material directly taken from the reality of today Romanian society. Toxic factories acting against the law affect the environment with support from the authorities they bribe and the few people who have the courage to react become "enemies of the people". But more and more communities across Romania are aware their families' future is at stake and theater is a way to raise
awareness and brainstorming for solutions. With and all-female cast and an audio-installation as set-design, this Enemy of the People mirrors real facts without forgetting about aesthetic aims.

A coproduction of Romanian Association for Performing Arts and Mic Theater in Bucharest.

Me. A Dollhouse

Theater and film director Carmen Lidia Vidu is a unique voice on the Romanian scene,her artistic vocabulary being based on thecombination of video-projections with thelive presence of the actors.Here is what she says about the Nora she created with actress Aura Călărașu: “My Nora is a lot older. My Nora lives the last
day of her life and she knows it. She is with one step in the past and one in death. She has no present. She is tired and she craves for love. She is in peace with what she did. But, just like any other pioneer, she is alone. The loneliness is tormenting and she is faded." 

A coproduction of Romanian Association for Performing Arts and Odeon Theater in Bucharest.

Ibsen Incorporated

The theater piece created by the team coordinated by director Catinca Drăgănescu had as starting point Ibsen's plays, from which playwright Mihaela Michailov derived the final text with inputs from the actresses. In this show satire becomes a great weapon for social critique. A rare example of devised theater on the
Romanian stage, Ibsen Incorporated is, to quote director Catinca Drăgănescu, "a way to investigate the influence of the capitalist society on the fundamental inter-humane relationships and the way these relationships are reconfigurated today".

A coproduction of Romanian Association for Performing Arts and Comedy Theater in Bucharest.