Moved by Brand

Ibsen Awards has awarded the Latvian project “Moved by Brand" an International Ibsen Scholarship of a total of Euro 19.900,-


The Jury’s statement:
"Moved by Brand" involves an adaptation of Brand in the form of a modern dance performance. It focuses on how Brand, which originally was a drama only intended to be read, not performed, can be adapted from a text based staging to one focusing on movement and imagery. Thematically the adaptation will be centered on the theme of freedom and necessity – strength and will. The project shows and impressive and inventive insight into the relationship between text, theatre and dance.

About “Moved by Brand”
“Moved by Brand” is a contemporary dance performance that aims to bring up the themes of Ibsen’s Brand: Fighting with darkness, getting out of the darkness, climbing mountains, the willingness to inspire and to lead, doubts and disbelief your meet on the way.  The project starts from Latvian choreographer`s Olga Zitluhina, composer`s Juris Kaukulis, stage designer`s Gints Gabrans interest in the interaction of human individual freedom with the freedoms of others. Can the individual on his or hers uncompromising way towards the peak, towards the light, give something to other people? “Moved by Brand” wants to explore how drama of ideas finds its life in the movement, how the idea of inspiring to follow coexists with the idea of freedom.

About the applicant:
The Association of the Professional Dance Choreographers:
The Association of Professional contemporary dance choreographers in Latvia was founded in 2003 and it is run by Latvian contemporary dance choreographers, dancers and teachers.
Since 2004 the director of HA is Ilze Zirina. HA collaborates with international partners and looks for new possibilities to collaborate with other forms of art. HA is the organizer of contemporary dance events such as dance festival Laiks dejot (Time to Dance), which is an annual international event and includes dance performances, workshops and lectures. The Association also organizes Time to Dance improvisations and sketches – an event which has informal character and opens space for experiments and JAM sessions; as well as performances at schools and old people houses; workshops for professionals or amateurs both in Riga as well as smaller communities.