The Peer Gynt Scholarship Program by Independent Theatre in Hungary has started.

In December 2012 the 10-month-long educational theater program, in which young people will work with Ibsen’s play, ’Peer Gynt’ and realize the performance ’Peer Gynt’s Children started.


After a multistage selection process, eight young people got involved in the scholarship program. The scholars has different background and previous experience and their task in the project will be to analyze and reinterpret the classic play according to its present aspects and social points of view.

In the first phase they will analyze the play, realizing thematic situational practices and getting to know and work up actual artistic initiatives. In spring the final play will be written on the base of their work. The premier of the play will be held in the summer after a professional training of the young people, and a complex rehearsal process. The scholars work and study together 15 hours every week.

The Peer Gynt Scholars:

Orsolya Ádám
Anna Barabás
Tamás Boros
József Budai
Gellért Csiki
Franciska Farkas
Edmond Oláh
István Tóth

PHOTO: Róbert Maly